Run Home to Crochet

Run Home to Crochet

Saturday, 3 June 2017

Crocheting and relaxing

Hi there - It has been an absolute lifetime it seems that I did a post on here - time flies by very quickly these days and I seem to always be busy or up to something ..... come and take a look ......

It looks likes snow but it's the blossom
that has fallen off the cherry tree in my front garden
it was like a blanket of snow, the sun was shining and it was pink
A friend who writes and translates German crochet patterns to English
asked me to check and see if her grammar and stiches were correct
and I finished up making Mr Elephant

 Some more crochet and what do we have here .....
Three of these .....
and another .....
and then there were feet to add ....
How cute is this little chap?
and another ........ and then .........
all this happened ..... and I assembled all the pieces and ....
Gerald the Giraffe was born .....
Day trip to Gillingham to watch football - they lost
A day trip to Southampton for the last game of the season
they lost!!  They finished eighth in the league
Today we went to Osborne House and took a stroll down to the
beach where we ate our lunch and enjoyed the tranquil atmosphere
eating our picnic and supping our hot chocolate from flasks
We saw these two arrive on their jet ski -  they parked up and went to the
shop for a cuppa and an ice cream -  then the frantic warden was upon them
scratching his head and chatting to them
before they could finish eating their ice cream and drinking their cuppa
Osborne House beach is private and you are not allowed to land
there from a boat or a jet ski
They made a quick getaway and he strolled away to carry on with his business
A walk about the beautiful grounds when we left the beach

Peas popping through the soil ......
Flowers amongst the vegetables
I love the neatness of the beds and borders
On up the path

Over the old stile into bluebell woods (we didn't go over today)
On up the road with no traffic with this vast view on your left ......
This stunningly beautiful building on your right
Osborne House in all it's glory
The clock was chiming as we were there
the clock doesn't usually work - let alone chime
On we went and into the walled garden .....
Plants nearly as tall as the top of the wall

Trellis supporting the plants and bushes down the centre
with the V and A initials entwined (Victoria and Albert)
The pears are starting to form and grow
V and A on the back of the benches
Rhubarb patch

More neat rows within - out we go ......


F a B u L o U s .......
Neat borders outside too ......
Hiding in the hedgerow ....
A smiling face in the root of the tree .... can you see it?
A variety of plants for sale on the way out

Back past the uncut grass verge to the car park
A lovely afternoon at Osborne House
We will return soon ......
Thanks for popping by

Xx Joy xX