Run Home to Crochet

Run Home to Crochet

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Catching up

Hi there - well that time of year is approaching fast and before we know it the holiday festivities will be upon us.  Here are a couple of walks and a bit of crafting that have been going on around here


Since the last time I was here - we had Halloween
Sue one of our knit n natter ladies is a volunteer gardener at the local Hospice
and she asked us to make some poppies for her to do a drift display for Remembrance Day -
The poppies looked stunning
Here are some I made and sold with the money going to the
Royal British Legion
This is the start of a pretty edging which you can put on to
tea towels or pillow cases or anything that takes your fancy.
Start with double strands of 4ply cotton and do a row of blanket stitch.
Once you have done a row of blanket stitch you then start
a row of double crochet with a single strand of 4ply cotton
and a second row of double crochet
All finished with a pretty scalloped edge of treble stitches -
full instructions on how to do this can be found here
Things can be prettied up for Christmas gifts!!
This pile of ends can only mean one thing - a spot of crocheting
hey presto - this ring has been covered ready to decorate for a Christmas gift
You may wonder what this is!!
A friend's children had written to Father Christmas requesting
a reindeer hat for their tortoise for Christmas morning.
Well - it had to be done as Father Christmas grants all children's
(and tortoises) wishes!!
With a glut of cooking apples around this year - I made this
Autumn Apple Cake
It is delicious served warm (equally as nice cold)
the recipe can be found here - enjoy!!
A day trip to the mainland starts with a walk down the pier
HMS Warrior in Portsmouth Harbour was a 40-gun steam powered
armoured frigate built for the Royal Navy in 1859-61. 
She was the name ship of the Warrior-class ironclads.
This carving was in the shopping precinct in Havant
Hubby had his birthday, so off we went for cream tea at
Albert Cottage (part of the Osborne House estate)
What a beautiful corridor inside
Can you spot the heron that landed?
A Sunday afternoon stroll before adjourning to the local
pub for lunch
profiteroles with salted caramel ice cream filling with all the trimmings

Thanks for popping by
Xx Joy xX

Thursday, 27 October 2016

A spot of crochet and knitting

Hi there - I have been a bit of a home bird for the last couple of weeks as the weather has taken a turn for the worse, no more sunny warm days, no rain but there is definitely a chill in the air, so let's stay in and catch up on some long overdue projects.  Here are a couple of things that I have managed to get done and finished.  The festive season is fast approaching and there are lots of things buzzing around in my head that I would like to get made, so can crack on with those without too much old stuff hanging around.

I finished the second one of these, so now have a pair!

These had been hanging around forever in my wip (work in progress) basket
now all done
Blanket finished
Grandson H did his 200th parkrun, so I filled a little jar with sweets and
knitted a hat in his favourites football team colours for him to celebrate

Scanner cosies for a girl who is going off to New Zealand and travelling round, 
hoping to visit 15 different parkruns - she asked for 15 sets to take
with her - 8 sets done - 7 to go

A couple of these as gifts
This was lurking in the bottom of my wip basket and needed finishing
Some of these to do as there was yet another half finished project lurking
and a few more
all sewn together, the border done, blanket finished

Mug hug birthday present
Coaster for mug to stand on
coasters and key rings in Macmillan colours - supporting a
coffee morning
baby cardigan - finished
squares sent off for a barely born blanket project appeal
I was asked by a German friend to pattern test and check her English translation
of a pattern - can you guess what this is?
It's LuilLion - isn't he adorable?

Then test another and check the English grammar
Here she is - LuiBunny - adorable!
and a little CoolLuipoldMini too
I had a little project in mind so I contacted my friend Steve and ran
the idea by him - of course he put his own stamp on it and you may wonder
what this piece of wood is.  Well he cut, sawed, planed, stuck and finally varnished
and I have a blocking wood board for my crochet.  He designed the holes as you see them
noticing that the top right corner there is a small square.  By moving the bbq skewers to the
size I want I can then block my crochet squares.  Stretch them to the size and leave them
and hey presto - no spraying or pressing needed at all
Thanks Steve you are a star!!

One at a time
or a pile at a time
Joining said squares for a blanket - off now to do some more.
Thanks for popping by
Xx Joy xX