Run Home to Crochet

Run Home to Crochet

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

bags * bags * bags *

Hello there - some weeks ago at the beginning of June Kathryn from Crafternoon Treats started a bagalong project, inviting people to make a retro project bag.  These things can be very addictive and because they are explained so well, it is enjoyable to join in and lots of people who are taking part share their photos and stories with each other.  So I chose the yarn colours that I wanted to use and off I went following the tutorial

basic granny square
make five basic granny squares - four sides for the bag and one bottom
layer them up!!!

make a pattern with them!!!
decide which order you want to join them
double crochet them together to join (no sewing involved)
one bag - joined but not finished!!
choose your lining
one bag crocheted and lined - love it - Ta-dah!
*     *     *     *     *     *
Then Kathryn posted that she was doing a small granny envelope bag - and there is a rather special young lady who is 9 years old that came to run with me at our parkrun on Saturday, so I thought I would make her a little granny envelope bag
choose your colours
make just one granny square
fold it into an envelope shape and sew a flower and button on
choose some lining
decide what bits and pieces you need to fasten your little bag together
poppers one fits inside the other and holds the flap of the little bag closed
crochet a pretty strap
Sew the pretty strap onto the envelope shape bag and you have a Ta-dah moment
then crochet a little purse and pop a little bar of soap in it cos little girls like pretty things!!
Thanks for popping by
Xx Joy Xx

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Osborne House

Hello there - back in May on a dank bank holiday we had a visit to our favourite English Heritage sight on the Isle of Wight - Osborne House.   Well last weekend it was a beautiful sunny day so I packed up a picnic lunch and myself, hubby and H and O our grandsons headed off to Osborne.

Hubby and O took the bus to the beach whilst H and I walked and snapped these on our way
look at this proud looking chap standing guard in the garden
and so down to the beach and Queen Victoria's bathing machine
We sat and ate our picnic lunch and soon afterwards number two grandson was in the sea
I stood and walked across the path to take this photo
stepping back reveals this strip of grass/sand - and below my feet there is another rope fence and poles like the one by the sea
This sign is on the rope fence on the path
We sat and ate lunch and had an ice cream and the boys swam and paddled and we were there for a couple of hours - five times in that time we were there - a member of Osborne staff had to speak to visitors to Osborne for walking and cutting across this "fragile habitat" rather than walk fifty yards and go down the steps to the beach!!  Aaaarrrrgggghhhhh!!!!!!!
back up this very regal drive
flower pots blooming on the garden wall and the Union flag flying in the breeze
Come for a wander around in the walled garden

pears are growing across the arches
sweet peas growing round a little wooden wigwam - the scent was overwhelming lovely
a bed of parsley
a miniature wooden wigwam
take a closer look at the flower pots - they have a V and A (Victoria and Albert) on them which are intertwined and there is a royal crown on the top of the A and the top points of the V

We are heading home now and leaving this very serene place.  We are going to visit again soon because H and I were chatting and we haven't visited the Swiss Cottage (the royal children's play area) and their own vegetable garden plots or the Ice House lately - so we shall return!!
Thanks for popping by
Xx Joy Xx
PS - This weeks knitting and crochet have been lots of these
teeny tiny socks from Winwick Mum to make brooches
pattern by Joy adapted from Lucy Attic24 flowers and leaves
pattern from pink milk
pattern from Crafternoon treats
In a couple of weeks there is going to be a "knit and natter" group where ladies who can knit or crochet and some ladies who can't, but want to learn, are going to have a get together and make flowers using the above three patterns and we will then be sending all the flowers to Yarndale for their "Flowers for Memories" project.  Sheila is going to make a display of all the flowers she receives for Yarndale and she has pledged to create a huge collection of brooches, corsages and floral wreaths which will be raffled/sold and all proceeds will go directly to the Alzheimer's Society and some ladies from the Isle of Wight will be contributing towards this!!
ttfn - J x