Run Home to Crochet

Run Home to Crochet

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Weekend in London - Days 1 and 2

Hello there - a couple of weeks ago my family and I had a weekend in London.  We travelled up in two separate parties - three of us went during the morning to go shopping in Oxford Street, whilst the other three were in school and at work and they travelled up later in the day.

Marble Arch

Oxford Street then head off down Regent Street

I couldn't resist a snap of these little beauties in Hamley's window
Then on to Liberty - WOW - WOW - WOW
The entrance ..... 
Come on inside and take a look round with me
look at the colours and the patterns
beautiful patchwork
 I spelt my name with pretty fabric letters
I love this wreath (but not as much as my Winter wreath)!!!
paper decorations
We travelled on buses and the underground to West Ham station which is where we were staying, checked into our hotel and then waited for the others to arrive
Saturday morning found myself and hubby catching the train from Stratford station just one stop down the line to Mile End for me to do my 9 am usual Saturday morning parkrun (hubby didn't run but came to keep me company) we were up bright and early and it was a lovely morning, so I did my 5k run around Mile End park which was two laps around and alongside the canal.  It was a lovely friendly atmosphere and a great start to my day.
Once I had showered and breakfasted we then went into London.  We had a show booked "The Play that Goes Wrong" at the Duchess Theatre near Covent Garden, so we headed there to collect our tickets and I was snapping bits that caught my eye as we strolled along in the sunshine
this sign really tickled me
our tickets were collected so on we went around Covent Garden

OOOOoohhh - a shop with my name on
How is he hanging there?
AND how did the do that???!!!
A Mr Bean lookalike - he was hilarious!
and so off to the show - which was brilliant - if ever you get the chance to go it will certainly put a smile on your face and it was great all round family fun
OOOOoohhh we went in here for tea and no we didn't choose wisely!!
we had a wander up and down here and then we finally ended up here .....
where we met up with some friends and had a lovely meal
Thanks for popping by and I hope you enjoyed days one and two and will pop back another time for day three (which was the best day of all)
Xx Joy Xx
PS  In case you thought I hadn't done any knitting or crochet whilst we were away, of course I did, I took chunky wool and big fat needles as this wasn't too much to concentrate on whilst travelling. The following weekend was my youngest grandsons birthday and I made him these ....
he wears them lots too!!! (which is great for a 13 year old to do)


  1. I always love reading what you have been up to Joy, you have a beautiful life xxx

  2. Hahaha Wish id seen the Mr Bean Lookalikey i bet hes was good. Thankyou so much for sharing your weekend away with us, Ive never been in Liberty's before so was lovely to see what it looks like on the inside. Cant wait to hear about your next Jolly's away. Happy Crafting xx

  3. Pleased you had such a lovely and sunny time Joy!

    Great photos

    Loads of love xxxxx

  4. Finished park run and checking out you blog 😍