Run Home to Crochet

Run Home to Crochet

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

** Crochet - knitting and a walk in the Park **

Hello there - There have been quite a lot of homely things going on around here as I am on nursing duties.  Great, I don't really need an excuse to stay in the warm and leave the horrible weather outside and just crochet and knit, so that is exactly what I have been doing.  We had a knit n natter get together a couple of weeks ago and the boys came along and joined in with a bit of crochet

10 year old Holly came along to learn how to make baubles for our
 forthcoming Christmas tree project
This was the first time Dawn came along too
Baubles all over the place
Our charity fund raising tree is going to look fabulous and I can't wait to share it with you
later in the month
Charlotte and Abigail came along too - they are making pom poms
*    *    *    *    *    *
Hubby is going on nicely after his recent operation, so we went on a
walk around the park the other afternoon


We had a lovely stroll around the park and looking out to sea which continually
changes with each passing season
And in the meantime going on indoors


I have put these two blankets together

A lady of 89 years old has knitted these squares and sent them along to us
for our refugee blanket appeal

This has been finished
Road trip scarf has been finished
This can only mean some socks are going to be knitted
This has been unpicked and wound round the upturned legs of a chair
The unpicked skein has been steamed over the kettle and is now ready
Off I go then to make a start on it
Thanks for popping by

Xx Joy Xx
Today is the 1st December so that means it is that time of year
with Christmas just around the corner
There are ducks
There are beards and hats
There are ducks with beards
There are ducks with beards and hats
Oh and a few more!!!
The 1st December is also advent calendar day
Last year I bought this tree and the above birds, animals, fruit and fungi and
every day from 1st to 24th December one of them gets put on the tree until it is full
Today a pear went right on the top of the tree
There are owls
There are birds
There are squirrels
There are toadstools
There is a racoon and a hedgehog
Whoops - I didn't keep what order you should put them on your advent tree
I have popped them in a bag and will just randomly pick one every day to pop on!!

December also means silver and gold chocolate money time
Just look at this lovely colourful lot
One - Up
Two - Middle
Three - Down
New blind in my new craft room
Love, love, love it!!
ttfn xxx 


  1. Great blog post Joy. Love the ducks, beards and hats. That made me laugh lol xxx

  2. Thank you Sarah and glad you enjoyed my little tale xx

  3. Hi Joy, Lovely blog as usual. IOW looks beautiful- I really must arrange a holiday there. Proud of you too for introducing Lucy at Attic24 to S*O*C*K*S!!!!!!! Pen xxx

  4. Thanks Pen - come on over - Thanks re Lucy ... your turn now xx

  5. Hi Joy

    It's a small world. I followed the link on Attic 24 to your blog, and immediately realised that I knew of you (and think we may have met once at Park Run when we visited the IoW a couple of years ago). My sister-in-law and brother-in-law are your running buddy's parents! Hope you are enjoying retirement and that the patient isn't being too troublesome. Best wishes. Debbie

  6. Hello Debbie nice to hear from you (you are the lady who crocheted the bag)and you kindly sent me the pattern, but as yet I've not made a start on it. What a small world indeed and I am also responsible for Lucy's sock addiction and well as running with your nephew!! Merry Christmas - see you again if you visit the Isle - Joy x