Run Home to Crochet

Run Home to Crochet

Sunday, 31 January 2016

End of the month

Hello there - Here we are well into 2016 and things are carrying on at rather a hectic pace with lots going on.  My craft room was finished a couple of months ago and then Christmas came along and things never really got done as I wanted them.  I have been busy painting shelves and re-arranging and generally getting it sorted as I want it.  I wanted a piece of peg board fixed to the wall to hang things on to save putting them away every time I use them. I was looking for some in the local DIY store, when I bumped into a friend of mine, Steve and he asked me what I was after and we looked for it but no they didn't have any.  He said let me know what size you want and I will make you some.  Well I had an old cork board with a frame around it, so when I got home I measured the frame and let Steve know the size.  15" x 23" and he duly got drilling.  21 rows across by 14 rows of holes down = 294 holes all spaced one inch apart.

It looks as though Steve started the drilling in the middle.

Here it is in the frame.
Out came the paint
Give it a good stir

I was stuck with getting peg board hooks, so Steve made me
15 little hooks from bending and cutting picture hooks

and hey presto!!
Here it is all finished and hanging up on the wall in my new - craft room.  It is perfect for just hanging things near to hand to use again easily without having to pack them all away and it is all just what I wanted.  Thank you Steve - you are a star!!
Then I painted the shelf the same colour as the peg board and recycled some porridge pots - I made some little crochet bands with flowers on and finished off with little buttons to go around them and give them a  bit of colour and again I can pop bits and pieces into them.  They stack inside each other too and look rather nice and colourful.
This lovely sign has been hung on the wall  in my craft room.  It is a Christmas gift given to me by my 'Saturday morning running buddy Alex and his family' and is the perfect colour and matches my porridge pots perfectly - I love it.
I made a cover for my sewing machine with some material I had left over from making my blind.  So I have two more shelves and the bookcase to paint and then all should be finished.
These beautiful little stitch markers were my 'secret Santa gift' from my buddy in a crochet group I belong to.  I am going to hang them from my peg board so that I can look at them when I'm not using them.
A couple of making days and I have a few cards for forthcoming events
These lovely little baby bootees that remind me of strawberries
Rob one of our regular parkrunners did his 200th parkrun so I made him a hat
Arielle was next to do her 200th run so I made her some mitts
I was able to do a few more rows on the hitch hiker scarf
as I had to stay in as we were having a new front door

Then off out for a stroll around the village

We came across these peacocks - what a glorious sight
These little dogs out for a stroll on the beach with their coats on!
Grandson H, hubby and I playing with shadows on our way down the hill
and again on the beach

A carving or two along the promenade
A tribute to lost sailors
Appley Tower
A walk around the park on a winters afternoon and along the promenade
and just looking up between the trees
Thanks for popping by
Xx Joy Xx
Some more squares arrived from Mary
and I joined them on
And then some more
I joined these into sets of two
and joined them on - I need one more from Mary for the top corner
and will then start the border

and started another blanket
*      *      *      *      *      *
In the meantime
Putting these lovely colours together
The knit n natter ladies started crocheting squares for our current project
little piles of them
and I've started joining them.
Off now to join some more
xx ttfn xx


  1. Got some more for you to add on for you ! Lovely pics xx

  2. wow love Marys blanket looking really fab, glad you finally got front door fitted :) x

    1. Mary's squares are great. Front door is lovely :-) x

  3. Steve is s true friend, how kind. I expect he's been the recipient of many of your crafting gifts. Glad to see Dave walking. Hope his recovery is going well. You amaze me with how much you achieve. Are you thinking of Yarndale this year? We will be back from hols on the Saturday so might just make the Sunday, not decided yet. xxx

    1. Steve is a true star. Dave is doing great thanks Pen - he is back to his aqua fit and cycling and all pain free. Not sure about Yarndale yet!! xx

  4. What a lovely friend you have there, and your crafting room sounds like a real haven. I'm always so impressed that you manage to pack so much into your days! xx

  5. Thanks Christine - since retiring it would seem my working days are filled one way or another with crafting, which is fabulous. xx