Run Home to Crochet

Run Home to Crochet

Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Birthday and Easter

Hello there - I hope you have had a lovely Easter weekend.  Our Easter started with my son celebrating his 40th birthday on Thursday (I don't know how my youngest child can be that age) as the time and years have flown by.  We had a family meal earlier in the week that was rounded off with some birthday cake and candles

The day finally arrived and he had lots of surprises throughout the day
Balloons, presents and another cake
My friend Sarah made his cake as I asked her
and Sean made some badges for us to wear out -
Great minds thinking alike there!!
I wonder what he had to open here
Well I had this book for Christmas - so maybe he had some of these

Here they all are and I absolutely loved making them
I have since made another ten different ones for friends children
and friends alike.  I am certain there are going to be more made.
So the birthday was over and we moved onto Easter.
*     *     *     *     *     *
I made Easter cards
I made bunnies for my Easter tree

I made a tea cosy for an Easter gift
I ate one of these
Today has been a button day

Love, love, loving these buttons on cards
These are now coming off my hook
Watch this space!
Thanks for popping by
Xx Joy Xx
We held the raffle for Mary's blanket last week at the running Club and we raised £96
with the Club making this amount up to £100 for
Parkinson UK which is the Charity Mary chose
84 year old Mary is still knitting her lovely squares!!
More blankets to come
ttfn xx


  1. Fantastic joy :) I hope Sean had a lovely birthday!

    Those Star Wars characters are brilliant and I've loved seeing them pop up on whatsap! I don't think I've seen some of them before. I absolutely adore your Chewy and Yoda. Thank you so much for my crochet bunny and chocolate bunny. Crochet bunny is hanging with pride, chocolate bunny is still alive and well and has not yet been eaten (I'm thinking he is too cute to eat!) Happy Easter my lovely xxxx

    1. He did indeed Sarah, thank you. Glad you liked the Star Wars figures - I love them. You are welcome re your Easter bits xx Joy xx

  2. Lovely joy, obviously the star wars and Easter stuff is fab but I love Mary's blanket xx

    1. Thanks Bridget - there will be more Mary blankets xx

  3. Oh Joy the Star Wars characters are awesome
    Of course Boba Fett is my favourite

  4. Thanks Tarnia I thought you would like them - Boba Fett was the hardest to do. Darth is my favourite but actually I love them all xx

  5. wow all those star wars crochet people look amazing, so proud of you such hard work that all was for you. Your amazing well done xx

  6. Loved this post about your birthday and Easter celebrations. The cake looks awesome. My birthday is coming and can’t wait for my birthday bash. I already have booked one of dance party venues and eagerly awaiting for the day.