Run Home to Crochet

Run Home to Crochet

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Two weekends

Hello there - last weekend was the last day of the football season so hubby, myself and H went off to Southampton to watch the last game which was Saints v Crystal Palace.

First of all I needed to get some new trainers for running because

I had the bad
and I needed the good
Can you see the difference?
We went to St Mary's and found our seats in the stands as they 
were beginning to fill up ready for the start of the game
The grass was getting a last minute water before the teams came out
The teams are announced so the fans know who are in the squad
and who will be playing on the day
The whistle goes and the game is underway
Just before half time - Southampton scored!

There was a free kick awarded to Saints

The game went on and the final score was
Southampton 4 - 1 Crystal Palace
What a great way for us to finish the season and we ended
up finishing in 6th position and will be playing European football
next season.
*    *    *    *    *    *
I had a busy week ahead of me as I was going away with Bridget and Georgie for the weekend.  We were going to Buxton in Derbyshire to meet with some other crochet addicts who we knew from an online crochet group.  We set off on Friday afternoon and after a couple of hours driving we stopped at Lichfield for something to eat during the evening to break up the journey
Quarnford Lodge, Buxton
We arrived about 10 pm and said hi to everyone before heading
off to bed as we had had a long trip.

We were up and out bright and early and heading off to Lyme Park for
our weekly Saturday morning fix of parkrun (unfortunately Bridget
wasn't feeling very well) so she didn't run, but of course came with
us to cheer us on and take some photos
These beauties were wandering around as we drove through the park
Georgie stopped the car and I got out to take this photo
and of course there was some reindeer poo

This little chap climbed out of the steam and wandered around on the grass

We arrived quite early and there were only a few runners around.
We saw the start was over in the background by the sign and then the 5k run
was to go straight uphill for the first 800 metres - I could hardly breathe once
the run started - there were 69 runners taking part 19 running the course for the first time.
The course then became flatter as we ran through the wood and then
there was a marshal at the end of the cobbled path who turned us left up yet
another hill - on we went and the runners were stretching out in single file in front
of us and behind - on we went until we came out on the moors and climbed
up again but more gradually this time to the summit.
Here we come

The Cage which was built around 1580 as a hunting lodge.  The ladies of British
nobility could admire the prowess of their menfolk as they hunted stag on the slopes
below and it overlooks the nearby moors and 1,300 acres of parkland.  The marshal
in position at The Cage then sent us down over the other side to the bottom of the park
where another marshal pointed us back up and on we went up again towards the finish.
And there we go

AAAAAAAaaaaaahh the finish

A gentle walk back down to the park in search of a well earned cuppa
OOOOOoooo the café
Due to unforeseen circumstances we had to cut our weekend short.
We drove back to the Lodge where we told the ladies we would have to leave early
The ladies had arranged to do a gift exchange - Bridget crocheted
everyone a little coaster and I had been to the beach and collected some
stones and crocheted little covers for them as a memento from the
Isle of Wight - so when we got back we handed them out to the ladies.
We were sorry to leave and are sure the ladies enjoyed their crochet weekend.

I had this book for Christmas and Christine was one of the ladies staying for
the weekend so I took my sock book with me and Christine very kindly
signed it for me

Green - District Line
Black - Northern Line
Purple - Metropolitan Line
Orange - London Overground
Silver - Jubilee Line
Red - Central Line
Yellow - Circle Line
Brown - Bakerloo Line
Aqua - Waterloo and City Line
Turquoise - Victoria Line
Royal - Piccadilly Line
Pink - Hammersmith and City Line
I can knit socks because of the very simple precise way the book is written
 and I love doing them. I finished these during the week, this wool is called
Mind the Gap by Trailing Clouds
which is based on the London underground
These short trainer socks are on my needles now.
You cannot beat the beautiful feel of homemade socks on your feet.
Christine kindly brought me some wool to make some scanner
pockets for parkruns
I got a few made and started whilst travelling at the weekend
I knitted some sleeve of my jumper as well
I managed some baby bits too and there will be more baby things
in the coming months as my friend is expecting a baby
How exciting!
Last week I had this beautiful view of the tree in my garden
Today the blossom has all blown off and looks like pink snow!
Thanks for popping by
Xx Joy xX


  1. Sorry you had to cut the weekend short Joy. How lovely to meet the famous Christine Perry!! Pen xxx

  2. It was a shame Pen after having travelled so far. It was great to meet Christine and get signed albeit briefy! xx

  3. Fab pics joy, I loved taking photos of you and Georgie running :) xx