Run Home to Crochet

Run Home to Crochet

Monday, 25 July 2016

Bits and Pieces

Hello there - The weather over the last week has been beautiful and summer has at last arrived - we took a picnic to Quarr Abbey and sat in the tranquil garden enjoying the peace and quiet before taking a stroll around

...... not a cloud in the sky - beautiful

Wallowing in the mud, mud, glorious mud

Swimming in the lake

Then we had a paddle down the beach
Look at the little fish in the water
When you paddle you get the ripples in the water
and lose the fish as they swim away
Beautiful seaweed
We got a new shed - so I made some bunting to put on it
The knit n natter ladies have been busy making squares again
this time for a very special project.
A Woolly hug site asked for squares for a Jo Cox blanket,
so we made these and sent them off in the colours they asked for

Squares from the Medina IOW parkrun knit n natter ladies!
We did squares for Refugee blankets too
I put these on the cherry tree
I made this little sheep to send to Yarndale
I made a baby blanket
I have this for a make!
I started a sock
And made another sock
Which makes a pair of socks
With the yarn left over from the pair of socks I made this trainer sock
I have one more to make
I had all these middles of something or other hanging
 around - so I unpicked them
And made these little beauties

and some more
and some more
I made some more of these
You may be wondering about these squares! I follow some knit and crochet friends on Instagram and one of those ladies Amanda has an 18 year old daughter called Jenny.  Three years ago Jenny was diagnosed with cancer and had a brain tumour removed followed by all the treatment that goes with this horrible illness.  Jenny has been feeling a lot better and had an appointment with her specialist last week to be told that she has another brain tumour.  Kate another lady on Instagram put a shout out for squares to make a blanket for Jenny.  Kate designed the above pattern and sorted the size of the squares, what size hook to use, what wool to use and chose the colours in Jenny's favourites colours.  She had a fantastic response to her shout out and asked people to send just three squares in any colour combination that they chose and she will do the joining.  Kate has received my three squares and I am very, very proud to be part of this fantastic project
 #jennysblanketofhugs for dear Jenny ........
Sending Amanda and Jenny all the love in the world
Thanks for popping by
Xx Joy xX


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  2. Hello Joy, You really are Superwoman! I've just finished a large baby blanket/playmat for a baby due 12/8/16 and have the yarn to start my 3 squares for Jenny's hugs blanket. Love Pen xxxx

    1. Well done on your blanket. Great that you have your yarn for #jennysblanketofhugs - the bobble pattern is great fun to do - enjoy xx