Run Home to Crochet

Run Home to Crochet

Sunday, 16 August 2015

**Cowes week snippets**

Hello there - Cowes week has arrived on the Isle of Wight (or we should say Cowes two weeks).  The first week is called dingy week and then the real stuff takes place during Cowes week.  We caught the bus to Cowes last Sunday which was the start of it (too much traffic and nowhere to park) so easier on the bus

We wandered up through the town on our way to the sea and these banners were draped across all the shop walls and were blowing in the breeze

This plaque is on the sea wall as we are now down on the seafront

The red jet going to drop off and pick up passengers to take back to Southampton
Blue funnel ferry to and from Southampton at a steady sedate pace
These little cannons start the races
The red funnel car ferry leaving from East Cowes and going to Southampton
The race is on
Got him!!!!
Look at the fourth boat
I wasn't the only one snapping these boats - and I was snapping him too!!
A little ornate non working drinking fountain
Gateway to the Royal Yacht Squadron - I asked the guy just to the left of the photograph if I could take a photo of the building and he said "you shouldn't really, but go on"
Isn't it beautiful??
Eight foot high fence all the way round it
This post box is outside of the RYS and was taped up for security reasons!!!
OOOOOooohhh look I snapped me and all the boats behind me whilst snapping this sign
We wandered back into town to catch the bus home and I spotted this sign on the wall
Isle of Wight Steam Railway
The site of Cowes Railway Station - 1867-1966
Recording the Island's Railway History
Isle of Wight Steam Railway sign on the side of this building!!!!
Cowes is one of the seven wonders of the Isle of Wight
Cowes you cannot milk!
Out of the bus window going home - beautiful.
*    *    *    *    *    *
At our weekly Parkrun on a Saturday morning we have our barcodes and finish position tokens scanned by little machines that are temperamental and don't work when the weather is cold.  Once they are scanned our results are downloaded and published for us. I have started making "scanner pockets" to hand out to visitors to our parkrun to take back to their home parkruns to keep their scanners warm and working - here are a few that I have made this week.
I've done a few rows of this WIP cosy blanket
This has to be made up into bunting - I'll go get on that then.
Thanks for popping by
Xx Joy Xx
I showed you this photo the other day - have you guessed what it is yet?
This also goes with the above photo - all will be revealed very soon
ttfn x


  1. Wonderful as always, plus gorgeous pics of our beautiful island xx

  2. I love the photo of you and the boats reflected in the sign! What a lovely day it was when you were there - I'm sure it wouldn't be nearly as spectacular in the rain! xx

    1. I hadn't realised about the photo until I saw it on the computer! It was a gorgeous day enjoying our gorgeous island xx

  3. Great photos Joy. Don't suppose IOW Tourist Office are employing you are they? xx

  4. Thanks Pen - now there's a thought! xx

  5. what great weather you had. every time ive gone to cowes week its been raining :(

    if it was white wool and blue id say its a snow man. i wonder what it is ??? xx

  6. It was a lovely day Sarah. Hahaha no it's not a snowman - all will be revealed soon xx

  7. Thanks for sharing these photos, it looks like a lovely day and it was lovely to see some of what you saw that day :). I have fond memories of the isle of wight so it was lovely to see these :).

    Glad you had a lovely day and thanks for sharing with us.

    Take care and sorry I'm a bit behind,

    Rosie x

  8. Lovely to hear from you Rosie it was a gorgeous day xx