Run Home to Crochet

Run Home to Crochet

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

** Osborne House 3 **

Hello there - it is a horrible wet day outside today and it reminded me of a wet Saturday we had over the August bank holiday weekend.  The family all did their Saturday morning parkrun before my son and daughter in law went off to London for the weekend, leaving our two grandsons with us.  What do you do with a 13 year old and 15 year old when it is raining! Well you get them occupied in the kitchen and this is what we came up with

Between us we made sausage rolls, scotch eggs and apple crumble - some of our cooking got eaten on the Saturday and the rest got taken to Osborne House with us on Sunday as the weather was like a summers day, so off we went.
As usual when we arrived hubby and O took the bus to the beach while H and I strolled down to Swiss Cottage on our way to the beach
We spotted this sign on the way which made us smile because there isn't any traffic in the grounds of Osborne House (there are the little buses that ferry the visitors about) but that is all
So we followed this sign

The Royal children's garden tool shed and their wheelbarrows are still in the shed all neatly lined up 158 years later!

I love the neatness of the way the flower and vegetable beds are cut into the grass

The children had their own name posts to show which was their garden
Can you see Swiss Cottage over in the background on the left?
 As we wandered towards Swiss Cottage we spotted pumpkins growing

We saw this little sign in the side border
We saw the W a s p  A l e r t !!!


Swiss Cottage is a museum of bits and pieces that the royal children collected on their travels around the world, but you are not allowed to take any photographs in there so H and I didn't go in. It was getting close to lunch time and the other two had our picnic so we carried on down to the beach to meet up with them.

H insisted I get the flag in the picture to show it was British!
I love this little alleyway
A great natural way to say "keep out"

These carvings have been done on old trees by a local guy - aren't they great?

O on the beach!!

Punch and Judy on the grass
 "That's the way to do it"
This boat headed in from the mainland to the beach
Tim the warden got on his megaphone "this is a private beach and you are not allowed to land"
How exciting - we have only ever seen him keep people off the grass before!!
The boat put his anchor down and there they sat for about half an hour -
Tim stood his ground and watched their every move
I wandered down to the little walk way to see what the sign said from the sea side of the beach
Quite clearly it says NO LANDING - perhaps they couldn't read English!
Tim had to speak to four people again that day for climbing over the rope and walking on the sacred land
With swimming, boating excitement, Punch and Judy show over and picnic consumed hubby and O went back up to the main house on the bus while H and I walked up and found the Ice House
The photo is not too good as the sun was very bright, the date on the top of the door way is 1853 - exactly 100 years older than me.
Through the door
and look down

and look up

and look behind you

and here is it's history

Another lovely walkway
When we got home O got the washing in for me and couldn't find the peg bag!!!!
Thanks for popping by
Xx Joy Xx

The knit and natter ladies have been busy and the joining into blankets has begun
 I marked up a map of where parkrun scanner pockets/cosies have gone - 56 sets
1 set has gone to South Africa and another set have gone to Copenhagen

the runner beans are growing thick and fast
10 bags of beans have been picked and prepared and popped in the freezer
another dishful prepared and eaten - yummy!!
ttfn xx


  1. Fabulous as usual Joy, haven't been to Osborne House for years, must go with you next year !! Xx

  2. thanks Bridget - we can make a day of it and see it all any time you fancy! xx

  3. Fantastic blog once again Joy :)

    I do love Osborne House and especially the Swiss Cottage. It is certainly well worth the walk or small bus ride up there from the main house. We went to the beach last time too and had a hot chocolate as there was a keen nip in the air and we needed warming up!

    Funnily enough, I've lost my peg bag too! I was thinking of crocheting one but O has given me a better idea. Thanks O! xxxxxx

  4. Thanks Sarah - Osborne House is the best day out and we must take a visit to Carisbrooke Castle soon as that I can chat about that. You can borrow my peg bag any time you like ... just ask :-) Joy xx