Run Home to Crochet

Run Home to Crochet

Monday, 7 September 2015

** knitting n nattering - again **

Hello there - well the finale of the summer holidays was fast approaching and the new school term would soon be here, so some of the girls and myself had a second knit/crochet and natter morning at our local garden centre café.

We were still intent on getting some 'flowers for memories' made and sent off at the beginning of September to Sheila at Yarndale for her to display and then she would sell them made up into wreaths, corsages and brooches and the funds raised will then be sent to the Alzheimer's Society

Jean a friend from Wolverhampton was on the island for a weeks holiday so she came and joined us with her crochet - a lovely road trip scarf

Pam a new lady came and joined us and is trying to get to grips with learning to crochet - I love the concentration there and yes she got the hang of it - let us hope she comes along again!
My grandson H came and joined us as to make a card for his mates birthday, so there he sat with his cup of tea and his card making (he had a cheese scone too a bit later)
So far this little lot is what myself, Coral, Bridget, Georgina, Tarnia, Sarah, Tracy and Liz have come up with (I still have more to collect from some of the girls and will do a final picture)
Aren't they an absolutely stunning sight and we are very proud to say they will be going from the Isle of Wight to help this fantastic cause
Thanks for popping by
Xx Joy Xx
So a few days later I collected these from Liz
and these from Sarah
there are Yarndale flowers
there are bigger Yarndale flowers

there are roses

there are poppies
there are anemones
there are sunflower look alike in different colours
there are large and small and curly ones

and there are sunflowers - 20 of them - most of us made sunflowers!!
and here is our final picture - 119 beautiful flowers
we all signed a little ticket to send with our flowers so that the Isle of Wight can be shown on the Yarndale map to say where the flowers came from
all packaged up and they have been sent to Sheila
Do you remember this work in progress?
They are FINISHED and I popped a label on them with the details on

with a little note on the back
The socks have been posted and are going to Yarndale and I noticed that the PO Box number is the same as where the flowers are going.  The socks have been requested by Christine from here to then pass on to good causes after the Yarndale show.
*      *      *      *      *      *
Our knit/crochet and natter ladies are now going to make some granny squares so that we can make some blankets to help out the refugees that are involved in the serious plight at the moment in Syria
we have made a start on a couple of blankets
and have these to start joining
Parkrun scanner pocket stock - back up!
Harmony blanket - no matter what way you look at these beauties they are just SSSSSSSSSSssssssssssssssoooooooooooo
ttfn xx


  1. Lovely flowers and I can't wait to start making my squares for the blankets xx

    1. Thanks and I will sort the granny square pattern for you xx

  2. It was lovely to meet you all, really enjoyed spending time with you crocheting (and nattering of course ). Just about to make a start on some granny squares to send of to you xxx

    1. It was lovely to meet you too and thanks for coming along. I'll look forward to a few granny squares to help towards our blankets for Syria, thanks Jean xx

  3. Oh Joy those flowers look beautiful so many of them and for such a great reason too. cant wait to see how the harmony blanket comes out xx

    1. Thanks Sarah it was a great turn out of flowers. The harmony blanket has some stunning colours and the joining has started! xx

  4. Thank you so much for your Yarndale Sock Line socks, Joy! I loved seeing all the flowers that you've made, they're just fantastic and there's going to be such a wonderful display of them all. You've been really busy - your fingers must have been flying! xx

  5. You are welcome for the socks - such a great cause they will be going to. I can't make it to Yarndale this year so will look forward to seeing your photos of socks, flowers and everything else!! Always busy - I love it xx