Run Home to Crochet

Run Home to Crochet

Sunday, 4 October 2015

** knitting n nattering - yet again **

Hello there -  We did parkrun at 9 am on Saturday morning, then we showered, we had cooked breakfast in the local café and then we had a stroll down by the river to town. To our surprise there was a classic car show going on down on the riverway walk.  We stopped and looked at some of the cars on our way


These scenes were on the outside of the car - fabulous

These chaps were sitting on the front seats - obviously keeping guard!!
 What an old jalopy - but what character

This is an old Isle of Wight licence plate before they went metric!
The Tea n Biscuit Boys were playing a few tunes
I love the character of this old building across the river
Can you see our shadows??
*     *    *     *     *     *     *
So on we went to knit n natter

Three children - two boys and one girl who have come along with their Mums for a few weeks have now said they want to learn to crochet and make squares with us and here they are having a go
This is what they started to make during the afternoon and there will be more about them another time
Thanks for popping by
Xx Joy Xx
On my way home I popped into the local village church to look around the Horticultural Show
OOOOOoooohhhh that is mine - I made this back in June and thought I would enter it in the any other handicraft class - so what a lovely surprise when I popped in to see that I had won 1st prize and "Best exhibit in handicraft" - for which I got this certificate and cup
*     *     *     *     *     *     *
take one ball of self patterning wool
a hook and some stitches
and you have a self patterning road trip scarf!
Then I did
some cooking apples to put in the freezer
Then I did more runner beans for the freezer
Then I did some harmony blanket which is still a work in progress - but is now being  joined!!
ttfn xx


  1. Brilliant as usual, how you ever found time to go to work I don't know!!!

    1. Thank you Bridget. Crocheting and knitting has now become my job - much more enjoyable xx

  2. Hi Joy, Great photos. Your Harmony blanket looks gorgeous. I am determined not to buy any more yarn until my stash has reduced considerably. I'm still doing a comfort blanket for Project Linus UK and would make better progress if we didn't go away so much - but that's the best part of retirement!!! Love Pen xxx

  3. PS - It's great to hear that you are passing on the crochet skills to young people. Isn't it amazing how differently we all hold our hooks? xx

  4. PPS - Congratulations on a well deserved first prize!!!! (Definitely finished now. I did a comment but then needed to log into google mail and lost the text. I'll remember to do that before commenting next time.) xxx

    1. Thanks Pen - it is great that the youngsters want to join in and they pick it up so quickly too. Good luck with your blanket and enjoy your hols xx

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  6. Joy I have just thought that it is when I access via your link that I can't comment whereas when I come at it through google I can :-)

  7. I loved reading this blog! It is great that our younger friends have started crocheting as well! I am so pleased you got 1st place for your beautiful wreath :-) xx

  8. Glad you have sorted the problem Coral. It is great that they are joining in and Abbie is now joining in our next project, let's hope the boys do too! xx

  9. Can't believe I missed this blog post Joy! Congratulations on your superb win...its no surprise though, that wreath is fantastic, I think it's absolutely amazing.

    Sounds like you've been busy doing things again. I don't know where you find the time. Loads of love xxx