Run Home to Crochet

Run Home to Crochet

Friday, 16 October 2015

** Squares and Blankets - Part One **

Hello there - Once the Yarndale flowers we had made at knit n natter had been sent off

the ladies said they wanted to do granny squares to make a blanket to help in the current refugee crisis - so we decided on the classic granny square which was to be six rounds and we would all do the same size squares to make the job of joining them together easier

Classic Granny Square
This one is a little larger but that was the pattern
Georgie did these
and forgot to sew the ends in!!
I joined the squares, did the border, sewed in the ends, cut them off and we had this baby blanket
Tracy did these

I joined them and did the blue border and we had another baby blanket
Liz did these
I joined them into this single bed size blanket
Sarah made these
Claire didn't send any squares but she sent me this wool - so I decided to join Sarah's squares with some of this
I joined the squares with the pink and Sarah did the border!!

Liz, Georgie and I did these
I joined them and our squares started to become a blanket.
I am a member of a crochet site on facebook and I put this photo on there asking if anyone would like to join the Isle of Wight ladies in our quest to make a refugee blanket.  I said what size classic granny squares we would like and the response has been fantastic.  The postman was delivering squares through my door daily
look at these
and these
and so the joining started

a few more added
some more added, the border done and here we are
O u r  R e f u g e e  B l a n k e t
look at this lovely pile of squishiness
Here are our blankets that we have all made together which then needed to be delivered to the collection point.  Off hubby and I went to Newport with our bag of blankets to deliver to the local wool/fabric/haberdashery shop
This is what will be happening to our blankets - Hellerslea had extended the drop off date by over a week as the response had been so great for this appeal and they were not being collected until 5th October - we delivered our blankets on the 3rd.  Hellerslea also keep their doors open for these appeals and they have a collection every six months.  I still have squares arriving from locals and from friends on the mainland too, so the next blanket is underway 
and these

This is our second single bed blanket underway
These squares were started at our last knit n natter group and have been added to the above blanket. The yellow square with the green centre was made by Rees (one of the youngsters) who is new to crocheting and comes along with his Mum.  The grey square with the green centre was made by his Mum (Liz).  The red square was made by Coral and I still have more arriving to add to finish blanket number two.
Thanks for popping by
Xx Joy Xx

My friend Sarah sent me these

 one of the crochet ladies sent me these

 Abbie (another of the youngsters who has just started to crochet made the pink one
Alex (my young Saturday morning running buddy) made the orange one
Aren't both squares great?
I have yet to join them in - so I will sign off now and make a start on them all and the others I have since received to finish our refugee blanket number two
Before I go - I need to say a big thank you to - Bridget, Georgie, Coral, Tracy, Sarah S, Liz, youngsters Abbie, Rees and Alex - to the lovely "hookers" online - Sarah C, Jean, Amy, Mia, Melanie, Lisa, Michelle, Linda, Lauren and Shelley
to Yvonne from bonnies little crafts
and to Claire from Clairescraft for the yarn you sent me!!!
ttfn xx


  1. Amazing effort by everyone involved and such a great cause too.

    I was glad to be just a tiny part of it all xx

  2. Fab as always joy, thanks for the mention for abbie too xx

  3. I love reading your blog and seeing the way you unite people to do something so fun for such good causes! You are amazing joining all those square xxx

  4. What gorgeous flowers, that photo is so pretty <3. I also loved reading about the blankets you helped organise and join in with for the refugees. I'm sorry I am behind in catching up on my blogs I follow, if I'd know I'm sure I could of helped out a little too. It's a great thing your doing and I'm sure the donations will be much appreciated :).

    I promise I'll do better at keeping up with your blog :) I'm making sure I add all the blogs I like to follow on my blog lovin so it's easy for me to check in and not miss any posts.

    Take care, Rosie x

    1. Thank you Rosie - we are still making squares and they are still arriving, so if you have time and would like to join in then please do. The local shop has continuous collections so we are still going strong with making. The squares are a classic granny square on a 5mm hook with double knitting yarn, six rounds and leaving a long tail at the finish xx Joy xx

  5. Fantastic effort Joy, so glad I could send some squares but every ship needs a captain and you've been amazing! Thanks for organising this love Jean xxx

    1. haha Jean thank you for your kind comments and squares - Captain??!! I love it xx Joy xx

  6. Have a bagful of squares and nothing to do with them! It seems your project might be over but do you have any suggestions for me?!