Run Home to Crochet

Run Home to Crochet

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Day Three - Liberty Island

Hi there - well off we set again having bought tickets for Big Bus New York to show us more of the sights we might otherwise have missed.

Hop on and off all day long wherever the fancy takes you.
We got our bus at Broadway first thing in the morning and headed to the
seafront (taking note of landmarks we wanted to visit on the way back)
We had these tickets that were part of the package we bought
on the Big Bus (these included your boat fare across to
Liberty Island)

We were going to see this beauty
Novel way to store the life jackets!

Leaving Manhatten behind - what a busy waterway

We landed on Liberty Island


Off we set and what an awesome sight this Statue is

Snapping madly again the more we walked

Look at her toes!!
Look at the inscription on her book
Look at her!!!!
A W E  S O M E
The tall building has been erected on the sight of the
Twin Towers!!!!
Four buildings are being built with two finished
and the building on the right of the picture is number
three still under construction
Café entrance for a hot chocolate (the best in the world that I have tasted)
to warm us up on this really cold day
I took this photo of facts about
The Statue of Liberty
as a question on the quiz programme The Chase before we left
was how long was the nose - now we know - 4ft 6"
On the ferry back to Manhatten there is a stop at Ellis
Island along the way
We leave her behind heading back after another awesome day
on our trip to New York
Thanks for popping by
Hope you come back another day
Xx Joy xX

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