Run Home to Crochet

Run Home to Crochet

Monday, 9 January 2017

Day Two - Empire State Building

Hi there - What a busy Saturday we had - Central Park - Fifth Avenue and finally the Empire State Building.  We arrived there late afternoon, queued up as we were already booked to go in and off we went.
We first spotted this when we were wandering along by Madison Square Garden -
How excited was I?  So on we walked
The closer we came - the more excited I got

Right let's go in
Look at the floor
Snapping these whilst waiting for the lift up to the 80th floor -
I was so excited to be up there (although my stomach didn't like it too much)
I just went back and forth snapping and snapping and snapping
Some of the costing of  building the Empire State Building
Construction started on 17th March 1930
Completed and opened on 1st May 1931

So after snapping away for ages - up we went again.
The 86th Floor had an open air observation deck which was so
windy that you were totally blown over and your breath was taken away,
so we hurriedly made our way back down again
for some more photo taking

The sun was starting to go down and night time was drawing in

Then New York started to come alive as lights appeared
After an exhausting day we finally left with one final look back
W O W - W O W - W O W - W O W - W O W
I had my fitbit on all day and I clocked up a total of 28,972 steps,
 which was 12.42 miles
  total walking for 285 minutes. 
Every step of it was worth it and I had the best day ever.
Thanks for popping by and there
is more to come
Xx Joy xX


  1. Love the night shots! I've been up there. I loved it!!!!

    1. It is absolutely fabulous isn't it - I was just so excited and loved it x

  2. Fantastic! Those night shots are ace! I loved going up the Empire State xx