Run Home to Crochet

Run Home to Crochet

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

bags * bags * bags *

Hello there - some weeks ago at the beginning of June Kathryn from Crafternoon Treats started a bagalong project, inviting people to make a retro project bag.  These things can be very addictive and because they are explained so well, it is enjoyable to join in and lots of people who are taking part share their photos and stories with each other.  So I chose the yarn colours that I wanted to use and off I went following the tutorial

basic granny square
make five basic granny squares - four sides for the bag and one bottom
layer them up!!!

make a pattern with them!!!
decide which order you want to join them
double crochet them together to join (no sewing involved)
one bag - joined but not finished!!
choose your lining
one bag crocheted and lined - love it - Ta-dah!
*     *     *     *     *     *
Then Kathryn posted that she was doing a small granny envelope bag - and there is a rather special young lady who is 9 years old that came to run with me at our parkrun on Saturday, so I thought I would make her a little granny envelope bag
choose your colours
make just one granny square
fold it into an envelope shape and sew a flower and button on
choose some lining
decide what bits and pieces you need to fasten your little bag together
poppers one fits inside the other and holds the flap of the little bag closed
crochet a pretty strap
Sew the pretty strap onto the envelope shape bag and you have a Ta-dah moment
then crochet a little purse and pop a little bar of soap in it cos little girls like pretty things!!
Thanks for popping by
Xx Joy Xx


  1. Really cute bag, love the lining of it too, might have to have a go at it :) x

    1. it's made in a chunky wool and grows really quickly xx

  2. Ahhh you are so kind Joy, always making for other people. Great colours. Pen xx

  3. What lovely bags you've made, Joy! I'm sure your young friend is absolutely delighted with hers - she's just at the right age to really love a bag like that (I should know, I've got one just the same!) xx

  4. Thanks Christine - her Mum has just started to crochet and is thinking of making one for her niece - only boys in our family so it was lovey to be able to do something pretty and girlie!! xx

  5. Joy, you are the kindest person ever! People are so lucky when they receive your special gifts, me included :)

    I think I'll try that big bag, it looks like a fun project. Although I suspect you've made it look easier than I'll find it lol xxxxx

  6. Aaaww thank you Sarah. It is easy to do - honesty - just granny squares. I am on the end of the phone should you get stuck. Go for it! xx