Run Home to Crochet

Run Home to Crochet

Friday, 10 July 2015

Busy * June *

Hello there - well the weeks seem to fly by now that I am not working, whereas before I used to look forward to the weekend arriving and then the week would drag by, but now that doesn't appear to be happening .... there just aren't enough hours in the day, and not enough days in the week for me to fit everything in.
I have been busier than what I remember, because as I have just uploaded the photos from my camera and have thought to myself, oh yeah I had done that, and oh yeah I had done that - come along and see what I have been up to. 
It was my friends birthday on the 19th June, who I have recently shown how to crochet.  She did very well and made a ripple blanket (sending me thousands - or was it millions - of text messages and pictures asking for guidance).  Baby George was born two weeks ago and has his lovely ripple blanket that she made for him. 
She uses my swatches to pick and chose her colours when she wants to make something, so I made her a mini set of her own for her birthday

curly  mini solid granny squares
These are mini solid granny squares - we use stylecraft yarn and there are 71 shades in the double knitting range (with 3 new colours coming out in October) 8 of the 71 shades are variegated which means there are 63 plain shades (so I made her 63 mini solid granny squares) 
 Ooooohhh I also made her a spotty carrying bag for her to transport her crochet around and I bought her small scissors too.  (she used to meet up for a coffee, scone and a crochet session with her work in a carrier bag along with the kitchen scissors) 
You then need to block the squares to stop them curling - roll a towel into a sausage shape and pin each corner of the granny square into it.  Then using a steam iron hover over the square (not touching it with the iron) and the heat from the iron makes the square stay flat and in the shape you have pinned it
Once you unpin them from the towel - hey presto nice flat, non curling mini solid granny squares for your friends birthday!!
To wrap her present and make it a bit special I crocheted a flower and attached it to a label
I then decided I liked this idea so I made some more flowers to have some stock for more birthdays coming along - these are made in cotton and hold their shape nicely
I have done a snowflake for Christmas present wrapping
 I am going to have to do some more flowers in red and green for Christmas too
*    *    *    *    *    *
Some friends are getting married in September and the bride to be came to visit and asked if I would do something for the big day
she chose her colours
I have covered 40 of these for the big day with the colours she chose
SSSSsssshhhhhhh - I can't say what they are for though!!
I made some bunting for the front porch because the sun was shining
I made a hat for a guy at running - because he asked me to!!
I made hats for mini pots of jam and sweets for the girls at the running club who were having a cake sale to raise funds 
I made socks for my grandsons birthday
Well that seems to be it for busy June - ooooohhhh no there seem to be a few works in progress that  have been carried over to July - more about those next time  
PS - Having shown my friend B how to crochet she too has works in progress

22 centres for a blanket for her daughter - she needs 35
4 of 5 squares she has started for a bag to keep her stash in .... OOOoohh I think she is hooked!!
PPS ... Christine at Winwick Mum today put a pattern on her blog see here
oh I couldn't resist doing one of these mini socks for a brooch!!
Thanks for popping by
Xx Joy Xx


  1. Aww thank you so much for the mention Joy :) as you know you've opened a whole new world to me and I'm loving it !!! Getting to know you and Mr Joy has been a joy !!! Xxx

    1. Thank you Bridget and so glad you are enjoying your crocheting - see you soon for more of the same xx

  2. Joy this is another great blog! I think you are so creative and have inspired your crochet crew so much :-) I'm hooked as well.

    1. Thank you Coral. Glad you are hooked and enjoying your crochet time too xx

  3. Blimey! It's a wonder you had time to do anything else this month! You've made so many beautiful things and passed your skills onto someone else too - definitely a result I would say! And thanks for the mention with the tiny sock - I love the ways yours has turned out with the stripes! :-) xx

    1. hahaha Christine retirement is a bonus you can knit and crochet most of the day! Thank you so much for the tiny sock pattern - four done now!! xx

  4. Crikey Mikey Joy, how do you do it!?!?

    You must have that hook in hand 24 hours a day. Great work, I love it all, especially the little jam jar covers. Sweet! xxxxx

    1. hahaha Sarah ... chores for 23 hours a day and knit and crochet the rest of the time - pattern for the jam jar covers are from Age UK and you just change them about to suit your own colours. Load of love and hope you are ok Xxxxx

  5. Well Joy I feel like a total failure. I can see I'm not taking crafting seriously enough. Must change my priorities! Keep on blogging you're a natural. Pen xxx

  6. Granny joy, can we have more hearts please!!! :)