Run Home to Crochet

Run Home to Crochet

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Very exciting

Hello there - you may remember me finishing my last post with this picture of a teeny tiny sock

well I finished this little fella and made it into a brooch and then sent it off to a friend.  At the end of September there is a show in Skipton, North Yorkshire called Yarndale see here - it is a great exhibtion of everything woolly that anyone who knits or crochets could ever dream of.  They have thousands of knitters and crocheters that attend every year.  This is the third year that Yarndale is taking place and I have attended the previous two.  This year it is the weekend of "the wedding" so I will not be going. 
Lots of ladies who have been sock making because Christine of Winwick Mum see here who started a sockalong back in May wanted something to be able to recognise each other at Yarndale as lots of them will be attending, if they had in fact made socks via Christine.  She therefore worked out and wrote a pattern for the teeny tiny sock and hence the "sock brooches" were born.  Although I am not going to Yarndale some of my teeny tiny socks will be as I have fallen in love with them and can't stop knitting them.  They can be made into brooches or bag charms

oh and of course there had to be one for our favourite football team - The Saints
Three teeny tiny sock brooches have gone to Skipton, one to Scotland, one to Denmead, one to Lancashire and oh yes there will be more.
Christine writing the pattern for teeny nudged me to look out my "big socks" and get on with them too, as they had become one of those "works in progress"  So I finished the first big sock and made a couple of teenys from the same wool - the pattern works quite differently
OOOOoohhh look I've got some new slippers!!
So on we go and start the second sock to complete the pair - cast on 60 stitches and start the ribbing ..... can you see the pattern at the top of the second sock?  No I can't possibly make a pair of socks where the stripes and colours don't match the first sock.  The stitches come off the needles and will be unpicked in due course.  They just wouldn't be a pair!!
So down on hands and knees and work out the colourings in the wool, wind it on and start again.  That's better the stripes and colours in both socks are matching - yay.  They aren't finished yet but they are (apart from teenys) the current project!
Thanks for popping by
xx Joy xx
PS I forgot to show you this one
I had Christmas in mind so I made this little sock - I put a picture on Christine's facebook page and she messaged me to ask me if she could use my photo.  Well she has published her free teeny tiny sock pattern on Ravelry (which is a worldwide site) see here and MY PICTURE is on there.  Oh my goodness - I have not stopped grinning for two whole days 
underneath my picture on Ravelry it says Joyjrf - well that's me!!
E X C I T E D - my claim to fame!!


  1. Love the socks, especially the Christmas one, and yes it is never too early to start getting ready for Christmas!

  2. Fab post Joy, I absolutely adore those teeny tiny socks sooooo cute and thank you I received mine today and I will wear it with pride at yarndale this year . A little bit of you will visit yarndale with me this year . I will be on the hunt for yarn and patterns for new sock projects as well as other things . I love the Christmas sock too !!.Thanks for sharing my dear xx

    1. Thank you and glad you like it Tracy. I will be with you in spirit at Yarndale for sure and will keep a close eye on what is going on in the build up. Haha you are addicted to sock knitting obviously xx

  3. I love your post and your teeny socks, Joy, thank you! I'm right with you over the non-matching stripes - just the thought of it makes me hyperventilate! How could I not include your Christmas sock on the Ravelry page? It's just perfect for that time of the year and works beautifully well - thank you for letting me use it! xx

    1. Thank you Christine ... you made it all possible with your addiction to socks and getting several hundred others addicted too. There will be several Christmas sock brooches around on the Isle of Wight in December!! I love doing them and thank you for the pattern and for using my picture - I'm still grinning!! xx