Run Home to Crochet

Run Home to Crochet

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

My ripple journey

Hello there - Our local parkrun was cancelled last weekend due to a football tournament taking place in our park, so therefore my grandson H and myself decided to travel to the mainland, a 10 minute journey on the hovercraft from Ryde where we live to Southsea to do Southsea parkrun.  Here comes the hover and we wait patiently for it to arrive

sea spray all around as it hovers on the sea
as it gets closer to us you can feel the spray on you as though it's raining
and here it arrives very noisy and very wet
Hovertravel that day were celebrating their 50th birthday of the hovercrafts first launch
you can see the pier in the background
cars travelling down the half mile pier to take or collect passengers from the fast cat
our train travelling to the pier head - it's an old London underground train  
 note the ripples in the sea

Fishbourne to Portsmouth car ferry crossing the Solent seen from Ryde beach
There are six ferries on and off the Island - Yarmouth to Lymington which is a car ferry.  Cowes to Southampton - high speed passenger ferry, East Cowes to Southampton - car ferry, Fishbourne to Portsmouth - car ferry, Ryde to Portsmouth - fast cat, Ryde to Southsea - hovercraft.
After our run we came back to the island on the hovercraft and there was a chilly wind and we were cold, so H and I went on home in the warm and I continued the journey I have been taking for six months with my coastal ripple blanket - I snuggled under my blanket and set to with filling in the ripples
with a latte of course
look at those beautiful colours and ripples - sea - sand - shells - stones- rocks - seaweed
wave upon wave upon wave
from top going right - sea - sand - shells - stones - rocks - seaweed - sea
cloud - petrol - denim - bluebell - aster - turquoise - sherbet - camel - parchment - charcoal - silver - khaki - meadow - lime - teal - aspen - stylecraft special dk
sea and sand
sea and sand

look at those ripples
look at those ripples

look at those ripples
sea and rocks
sea and rocks
sea and seaweed
sea and seaweed
pebbles on the sand
seaweed on the rocks

seaweed on the rocks
footprints in the sand
filling in the ripples to have a straight edge and then the border

beautiful colours
denim - petrol - cloud
four borders done - top - side - bottom - side

a ta-dah moment - it's finished and I can't stop smiling
the sun shone through to light it up
it fits perfectly on the bed (it should be 84 stripes - 168 rows of ripple)
but I did 78 stripes - (156 rows of ripple)
the pattern can be found @Attic24 - Lucy's blog
these chaps are having a swim in the sea
these chaps are playing on the beach - they can't have a swim as they have got their hats on
these chaps came swimming past
I found these on the beach
a knitted purse in border colours to pop your pennies in for an ice-cream
and finally

Handmade by Joy (that's Me) - Thanks for popping by and I hope enjoyed my ripple journey
Joy Xx


  1. Oh what BEAUTIFULLY written post Joy, I so envy you living by the sea! Your blanket looks beautiful and very appropriate for where you live, I hope it gives you many years of ripply happiness :)
    You are making me want to do another ripple blanket - I'm loving my current squares, but can't help thinking how FABULOUS the colours would look in ripple form......dreaming!! :)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    1. Thank you Lucy ... lovely to hear from you and I am glad you liked the post. Thank you for the pattern and inspiration. Sorting yarn for cosy blanket now :-) .... we'll look forward to another ripple from you soon then ... lots of love Joy xxx

  2. Fantastic post Joy :) Oh how I envy you!

    The hovercraft is great, we've been on there once and loved the journey. So pleased that your blanket has brought you such happiness. There is something about blankets that make me feel all fuzzy and warm.

    Loads of wooly love
    Sarah xxx

    1. Hi Sarah ... so glad you are feeling better ... get warm and fuzzy under your blanket like I did last weekend and get well soon

      Loads of wooly love right back at you xx Joy xx

  3. PS Love the Scrabble letters in your photos. Penny xx

    1. Hello Joy :)

      Welcome to the blogging world and I look forward to following you from now on.

      I used to love in Portsmouth and hubby and I used to love visiting Southsea :) I remember seeing the hovercraft although we never went in one. We also visited the Isle of Wight a few times and loved it there. Happy memories :) so it was lovely to see the photos you shared today.

      I love your Ripple Blanket and as you say the colours remind you of the sea, sand and pebbles. I'm sure you'll enjoy this blanket for many more years to come and get lots of lovely comments when people see it too. I loved seeing all your photos :) you did some lovely ones.

      Thanks for sorting it out so I could comment here and I'll be back again soon :) I look forward to your future posts and the other lovely things you make.

      Take care, Rosie x

  4. Lovely colours and patterns, especially love the fishes and chicks xxx

  5. That is so beautifully written! Always feel
    So lucky to have always lived by the sea and you summed it up wonderfully xxx