Run Home to Crochet

Run Home to Crochet

Thursday, 28 May 2015

socks * socks * socks

Hello there - For Christmas 2013 I was given a ball of sock yarn as I wanted to knit some socks.  I found myself a pattern and off I went, knitting these on four needles and in a rib pattern in a self colouring sock wool.  Well I knitted about four inches of these socks, round and round and didn't like them at all.  They got thrown into my knitting/crochet basket and that is where they stayed until three weeks ago when Christine Perry from here Winwick Mum started an online sockalong. 

I rescued the said socks from Christmas 2013 from my basket and unpicked them.  Once I had unpicked them -

I turned a chair upside down on the kitchen worktop and wound the yarn around the legs of the chair

when the wool comes off the chair legs it looks like this, as it has been knitted for 18 months (I put a this pic on my facebook page - my friend Tracy saw this and started to hyperventilate) - "trust me Tracy" - I said

next - my old copper kettle goes on the hob and the wool gets held over the steam from the kettle (being careful not to scold your arm) and turn the skein around and the wrinkles drop out

see Tracy - "I said trust me" - said wool as good as new!

next - you need a pair of hands (hubby) to hold your skein so that the wool can be wound into a ball

all ready to go - we can now start our socks

cast on and away we go - round and round

OOOOOhhh look at that self patterning wool

OOOOOhhh - two socks (you wind the yarn into the two balls starting with the same pattern) to keep your two sock patterns even once knitting - I think I managed it pretty well

keep knitting round and round and then you have to do the single panel for the heel

you continue to follow the pattern and then shape the toes and hey presto you have a pair of your very own hand knitted socks - look at those!!
Christine has done the best sockalong tutorial in three sections to show you how to make a pair (or many more pairs) of socks

I have spotty socks

I have Dopey socks

I have trainer socks for running - with L (left foot) and R (right foot) on them

I have long socks for running with sheep and smiley faces on

but none of them are as lovely as these hand made by Joy beauties!!!

OOOOOhhh - and I have some more

OOOOOhhh and more

well that's at least three pairs

just turning the heel on sock three

sock three finished

 It would appear that there are three "work in progress" here.  Whoops!!!  That's all for now and I think the cosy blanket is on the back burner for the time being and the socks are to the fore

Thanks for popping by and I hope you like my socks and may be tempted to make yourself a pair or two!

Xx Joy Xx

PS  There is also, as well as the cosy blanket "work in progress" another one

OOOOOOhhhh - I  am very excited about this "work in progress"


  1. I love these they are so clever and can't believe how well the wrinkles fall out of the wool with a little steam!! If only skin did the same!! Xx

  2. Your socks are beautiful Joy, and thanks for the mention! You're going to have a drawer full of hand-knits in no time! xx

  3. What a lovely post about your sock making experience with the sockalong peeps. It's so much fun isn't it! Looking forward to seeing more socks and off to check out the rest of your blog.
    Anne xx

  4. Hi Joy , you make me smile what a fab post about your sock journey , yep that picture nearly had me hyperventilating again after seing that photo of your yarn !! Lol
    but great tip about the steam .
    Your socks are beautiful I too am doing Christine's sock along I printed the pattern out to take on holiday just as well we had no signal! And using a small circular knitting needle is a revelation to me ...i love using it !! I too have a sock on 4 needles languishing at the bottom of my basket which I started about 2 years ago , guess what it is going to be pulled back & I will use your steaming technique before I knit it up on my new little circular needle. Thanks for sharing Joy and happy sock knitting . Tracy xx

  5. hahaha Tracy - I told you to "trust me" - I'm glad you like the tip about steaming and once you have dug your old sock out of your basket and get around to steaming the yarn - be careful as we don't want any scolding going on!! So much easier and quicker than washing all the yarn and drying it. I'll look forward to seeing your pics once your socks are knitted up

    J Xxx

  6. Love this post Joy! And what a fantastic 'yarn rescue' ....I have some yarn that needs rescuing from an abandoned project and now I know how! I love all the socks you are making, they are stunning and you are doing a brilliant job of matching them up perfectly! Kudos! The bottom pair remind me of a packet of wine gums! X

    1. Thank you Housewith Hearts - good luck with your rescuing. Wine gums ... yummy!! xx

  7. Love this post Joy :) Your socks are an inspiration and since you sent me that fantastic pressie of sock wool, I'm off!!! A sockaholic in the making! I'm only currently on round 7 of the rib but I'm loving them so far! Thank you so much for getting me started on my sock journey :) Let's hope one day, I too can have many sock wips on the go too (oh and my cosy blanket is on the back burner now too hehe) Loads of love xxxx

    1. You are more than welcome my lovely and I am glad it was the nudge you needed to get you crafting again. Will look forward to seeing the finished socks!! hahaha cosy blanket ... not done any for at least a week!! loads of love J xx

  8. Phew Joy. I feel exhausted just reading the blog. Must go and lie down in a darkened room to recover. Seriously - how do you fit everything into your day? Makes me look like a sloth. Do you get up at 5.00am? Love Pen xxx

    1. hahaha Pen ... no I certainly do not get up at 5.00 am - great being retired eh!! I can do as much knitting, crocheting and running as I want. I find I am doing quite a bit of baking too!! So much time to do all these things is great. Enjoy your holiday Pen xx Love J xx

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