Run Home to Crochet

Run Home to Crochet

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Run - biscuits - work in progress

Hello there - last Saturday was our 201st 5k parkrun which meant we celebrated our fourth birthday, so we had a superhero fancy dress run.  There were 207 runners in the local park and probably 70 of us dressed up - there was batman and robin, ballerinas, cat woman, monkeys, Noddy and Big ears, footballers, the boy in a dress (young Tom) and I had to look twice seeing him in a long blonde wig, instead of his short cropped hair, and in a dress - brilliant.  There was Indiana Jones, Madonna, clowns, a nutty professor, a turtle, a gypsy, a dwarf, spider man, a cyclist, 3 dressed as 118 runners, pirates etc to name but a few - and

Mick - a ballerina and he also ran a fantastic time
Clayre - the smurf
Bridget - Tim (hahaha) - Sarah - three nuns in their "habits"
What a great way to spend your Saturday morning and after the run of course you want
These biscuits are known as "One a day biscuits"
a healthy option biscuit 
125g butter
100g caster sugar
100g soft muscovado sugar
1 large egg
1tsp vanilla extract
100g wholemeal flour
100g lightly toasted seeds
50g cranberries
100g rolled oats
In your mixing bowl beat butter and sugar. Add egg and vanilla beat together. 
Stir in the dry ingredients and mix
 Make 12-15 golf size ball biscuits - squash down a bit
cook on 180c for 10-12 minutes

Oooohh - they are in the oven and starting to spread


Oooohhh - all spread into each other to make one big biscuit
they are cooked and out of the oven and cooling on a wire tray mmmmmmmmmm
ok we'll rename them
wonky one a day biscuits
they do taste good whatever shape they are!!
and after you have baked your 'wonky one a day biscuits' it's time to sort your
work in progress - started and not finished - knitting and crochet
9th May - socks
9th May - flowers
9th May - Christmas baubles
9th May - more socks
9th May - cushion cover
I need to get off here and get on and sort some of those work in progress - that isn't all them
there are about five more!!
Thanks for popping by and I hope you try the 'wonky biscuits' and enjoy them!!
Joy Xx
14th May - - Christmas baubles - finished!!
14th May - socks - finished!!
14th May - cushion cover - finished!!
14th May - cushion cover - finished!!
Cushion colours and buttons inspired by


  1. Thanks for the mention Joy, fab as usual !!! Xx

  2. Such a lovely read - I'll def be trying the wonky one. Day biscuits!!! Xx

  3. Loving all of your work, especially the baubles! Can't wait to make some flowers

  4. Wow Joy those cookies look so yummy, but in my house i think they would be called 'half a day biscuits' coz thats how long they will last lol xx