Run Home to Crochet

Run Home to Crochet

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Our weekend trips

Hello there - Last Saturday took my grandson H and myself to the penultimate game of the season.  It was the last home match of this season, so after our run, off we went to Southampton.  We caught the car ferry this time which pleased H very much as you can get a cooked breakfast on board which is of course what he did.  We made our way up to St Mary's Stadium which is where Saints were playing Aston Villa

We settled down in our seats and eagerly awaited kick off, after 15 minutes Southampton had scored three goals and this turned out to be the fastest ever hat trick to be scored in the premiership, within 2 minutes 56 seconds.  After 37 minutes we had scored another two goals and were five goals to nil in front.  Two minutes into extra time in the first half Aston Villa managed to score a goal.  In the second half Saints scored another goal which meant the final result was 6 - 1 which was a great way to finish the last home game of the season.  Fans were asked to remain in their seats for the manager and players to do a lap of appreciation to the fans for supporting them throughout the season
Here are the players and management thanking the fans - it was lovely to see and quite emotional.  Good luck to Southampton for this coming week in their final game of the season against Manchester City which will decide where they finish in the premiership league.
After a bit of shopping H and I made our way back to the ferry and on travelling back across the Solent to the Isle of Wight this cruise ship sailed past us
Arcadia - what a magnificent sight to see sailing off into the sunset
On Sunday it was Walk the Wight which is an annual event where people walk across the Isle of Wight from Bembridge to Freshwater which is a marathon distance of 26 miles.  A lot of people get sponsorship for doing this to raise money for the Earl Mountbatten Hospice which is on the island. 
We had some friends (running) this event so we popped along to give them some refreshments and encouragement along the way and I also took a few pics
Can you see the path through the woods for a walk
a road sign for motorists to take extra care on the roads
we were in the car heading to Freshwater Bay - the walkers walked
Here they come
and there they go
My friend had time for a bit of crochet
we had hot chocolate - look at our improvised tray
a view down across Freshwater Bay
canoe lessons in the Bay
these floats/bouys were hanging on a fence in a driveway to a house
a spaceman walked the Wight
Snow White and her friend walked the Wight
driving home I spotted this wild garlic growing in the woods
just like a blanket of snow in the sunshine
OOOOhhh - and I picked a little bunch to pop into a vase once I got home!
I have spent some spare time I had on my works in progress - two more finished
9th May - flowers
17th May - heart wreath for a friends birthday gift
pattern by Lucy Attic24 as published in issue 15 Simply Crochet
30th April - lap - cat - knee blanket
20th May - finished
Thanks for popping by and I hope you enjoyed sharing some of my weekend
Xx Joy Xx


  1. Your WIPs are lovely Joy - I especially love the flower wreath. I haven't heard of Walk the Wight before, it sounds great and if it raises money for worthy causes so much the better. Have a lovely week x

    1. Thank you the wreath is very pretty isn't it. A couple of thousand people do Walk the Wight to raise money for the hospice. You can do either half of it and there is a shorter 8 mile flat course. This year was the 25th anniversary of the walk! J xx

  2. I loved your pictures - Freshwater Bay looks like a lovely place! I also love your flower wreath, those tiny flowers are so pretty! xx

  3. Thank you Christine - Freshwater Bay is lovely but not much happens there you can get a cuppa, swim or just sit and relax and enjoy the scenery. The wreath pattern is one of Lucy's!! J xx

  4. Another great entry Joy! I loved the wild garlic and bluebells whilst running the Wight, so pretty along with the coconut smell of the gauze. My flowers are very pretty but my leaves are just not coming out right!

  5. Thank you Daisy. Sorry to hear that your leaves are not working out - I think perhaps you need to go for a smaller hook and we can meet up soon and try that and see if they are better then. We'll keep trying until you get them right.

    J Xx

    1. Thank you Joy, I think I have almost solved the leaf issue!